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About Grace U.M.B.C.


Church History: In February, 2014 after much prayer, a group of Christians who had previously been worshiping together had one door to close, in order for God to have a new one open. They desired to continue their fellowship with one another and called upon Minister Guy Willis to find a place. Pastor Clarence Eldridge was kind enough to open the doors of his church, Christ Church of Faith, McKinney & Anthony Streets, Fort Wayne, Indiana.


On February 27, 2014 a meeting room was secured by Mother Lillian Ruth Redden at Trails Edge Apartments Community Room, 2620 E. State Blvd., Fort Wayne, Indiana at 5:30 p.m. This dedicated group of believers desired to organize a new church in the community and asked if Min. Willis would consider being their leader. Minister Guy Willis had previously prayed on the matter and accepted their request. An organizational discussion ensued and from that a suggestion was made to vote for the name of the new ministry – Grace United Missionary Baptist Church was chosen. Nearly fifty members joined this new fellowship and pledged their support.


In the month of March 2014 – The Grace United Missionary Baptist Church worshipped on Sundays at Abundant Love Church whose pastor Bishop Gary Bush generously opened his doors to us after their morning services. We further organized the church to include plans to obtain 501C3 status with the state of Indiana and the IRS. April 6, 2014 - Grace United began its Worship Services in the Fort Wayne Urban League building, 2135 South Hanna Street, Fort Wayne, IN. August 2014, Grace United Missionary Baptist Church adopted its Constitution and By-Laws.


Church Officers were appointed by the pastor during Easter Morning Worship, ministries were formed and ministry leaders appointed. Pastor Willis gave a Vision Statement and Ministry Mission Statement to the church in June 2014. “Growing, Going, & Doing” 2 Peter 3:18. The Lord was clearly guiding this new fellowship to operate in a unified and transparent way from its conception. In the month of November 2014 the church received notice of declaration of its non-profit status, so that, as we follow God we also obey the laws of the land.


The year of 2015 continued to mark the growth of the Grace United church family in grace and knowledge and membership - to 117 members under the leadership of Pastor Guy L. Willis. Baptisms, a Leadership Conference, a Church Picnic, weekly Bible Studies, Deacon training sessions as well as community outreach has played a vital part in carrying out the vision and mission of the church. November 2015 Grace United was blessed to purchase a building at 2101 Phenie Street. On Sunday December 20, 2015 with the Lord’s favor and presence, we held the Consecration Services and marched into the new Sanctuary. Pastor Maurice King of the Promise Land Baptist Church as our guest, helped to officiate this momentous occasion. While God has done a great work in short time, we humbly continue to seek His guidance and His glory in moving forward to aid in building His kingdom.


In Memoriam to deceased members who are no longer with us –

Mrs. Ethel White

Deacon Benjamin Curry

Mother Ruth Redden

Sis. Juanita Tolbert


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